Giving back

We genuinely
want to make a difference


“As a business owner, I believe I have a social responsibility to help those that need it”

Andy Oliver - Managing Director

We’re not just pushing for change in the recruitment industry, we’re also pushing for change within our community and workplace

Not because it’s the fashionable thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do.


Here are some of the initiatives
we’re currently committed to:

Reducing our carbon footprint
and becoming net zero

  • Our new Green Team Champions develop training on new carbon reduction initiatives to share with the rest of our team
  • We have implemented a Cycle to Work scheme
  • Any new suppliers we work with must have excellent environmental credentials
  • We have introduced optional Meat Free Mondays
  • We are offsetting any carbon that we can’t remove by funding climate solutions that will help to reduce or remove emissions. Click the button below to view our forest & climate projects
Our Forest
Our Forest Our Forest

Making a difference to our community

  • We encourage staff to give time to community activities and allow two days per year for team members to work on community initiatives
  • Where possible, we try to buy local, support local suppliers and utilise a local supply chain
  • We always aim to create local employment opportunities

We also support a number
of local charities

Continuing our learning journey on inclusion and diversity

  • We are building on our commitment to inclusion and diversity and supporting the needs of disabled people in the workplace
  • We are building on existing good practice and our disability confidence
  • Our ea Futures graduate programme will support people from different socioeconomic backgrounds