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Putting people first and creating a positive workforce culture

James McNicol
4th Aug 2023
We want to change the perception of our industry… and we’re doing it!
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The recruitment industry has a bad reputation, second only to estate agents (I don’t mind estate agents!) for practices like dishonesty and bullying, but it doesn’t have to be that way

Andy and I have a mission (without wanting to sound too Jerry Maguire), we want to build a company that gives people a fulfilled career path with multiple avenues for growth and development, incentivises and encourages creativity and entrepreneurial ideas. We want a company we’re all proud to be associated with. 


To overcome an industry reputation that has been established for many years, we need to work together as a team and take responsibility for our actions. It’s important to listen, try new things, accept failures, and encourage each other. By doing this, we can create our own unique reputation as an organisation that prioritises people over quick profits. Let’s forge our own path and stand up for our values.


I’m good at talking (to the point of annoyance) but none of the above can be achieved with just words. We need to walk the walk. This involves appreciating we don’t have all the answers, trusting the people who join us to share our vision and giving them the courage and confidence to help us continually evolve as a company. 

If you truly care about something and take pride in it, whatever that may be, the outcome of what you do, produce or manufacture is going to be better. That’s what we’re doing at ea. Being the best we can!