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Wellbeing at ea Change,the power of teamwork, talking and laughter

James McNicol
4th Aug 2023
Mental well-being within our ea family is something that we’re continuously focused on. I don’t believe that there’s a one-size-fits-all approach that a company can take to ensure that everyone’s well-being is taken care of. This isn’t an off-the-shelf solution.
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We’re all different, which is something we’re actively encouraging here at ea

With those differences come different mindsets, personalities, work habits and needs; add that to a fast-paced and sometimes unstructured work environment and its easy to start to let the cracks appear and for people to become stressed, rundown and begin to struggle. 

We’ve worked together as an organisation to implement several initiatives that promote well-being, positivity, and support.  Over the past ten months, we’ve been focusing hard on our internal values, which are the bedrock of how we operate as a company and interact with each other.  Be Kind, Be Stronger Together, Make a Difference, Deliver Great Stuff, Be Different, Have Fun. These core values bind us together and give us a collective responsibility to uphold this day-to-day, creating a fantastic support network. 

As an organisation that is very equally split between those over 30 and those under, the well-being directive cannot just come from the senior leadership team. It has to be a collaborative approach and one we all take responsibility for

We run regular “Colleague Voice” sessions, which are colleague-led workshops that allow for open discussions without management involvement. These sessions are designed to enable people to feedback on how we, as a company, are performing against our values and suggestions on how we can be better. What’s working, and what’s not! 


I run twice yearly, company-wide “Well-being assessments” that are a chance to sit down with everyone individually and have a structured discussion around how we’re performing against a number of different criteria. These results are anonymous and RAG rated and published, so we have a very transparent overview of how we are collectively and individually.

Inclusivity and the feeling of belonging are two things that we feel actively promote well-being in our company, and the more we collaborate and talk to each other, the more likely we are to spot those individuals who need support. The team have created our monthly book club (does exactly what it says on the tin), the ea Green Team (a collaborative working group on how we can reduce our impact and promote green initiatives), volunteering days (each team member has two days a year where they volunteer at a local charity), company-wide quizzes and we also have a once a quarter get together where we look to do an activity that promotes collaboration and laughter! 


As I said at the beginning of this note, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to well-being in the workplace. But at ea, we truly believe that the power of teamwork, talking, and laughter goes a long way when relieving stress and creating a supportive environment. We care about each other here at ea, and that means everything.