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Thrive not Survive

James McNicol
10th Aug 2023

The market is booming; everyone is hiring. You could throw a CV out of the window, and they would likely get a job or at least an interview

This is all great in the short term, but with lots of market stimulus and a buoyant job market, this isn’t sustainable.

Rates get driven up, and there’s a massive game of musical chairs with candidates being tempted into new roles. That describes the recruitment market for the past two years post-COVID. It doesn’t promote best practices and cultural enrichment within organisations and ultimately drives everyone’s costs up and quality down.

We now find ourselves in a slightly recessive market with slow vacancy flow, clients reluctant to spend, multiple interview stages to ensure the right fit, withdrawn roles, and everyone trying to drive down costs.


This may all sound a bit gloomy, but this market is where the best recruitment consultants shine, and long-term client partnerships are forged.

  • Candidates remember the agency that went the extra mile and was happy to do the interview prep sessions, that took the time to give a detailed overview of the role and matched them to companies with the right culture and values, helped them with contractual negotiations and provided timely feedback regardless of the outcome.
  • Clients remember the agency that was prepared to design a service that matched their needs, was happy to provide market oversight on salaries and hiring trends, was transparent in everything they did, and, most importantly, supported them to achieve the desired outcome.

When the market has a slowdown, a reset or whatever you want to call it, I watch my team dig in and support each other in every way possible. Those of us who have been in markets like this before guide those who haven’t. We ensure that the team knows we will get through the tough times together as a unit and come out stronger.