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How we’ve built a graduate scheme with a difference

James McNicol
4th Dec 2023

What is ea Futures?

ea Futures is our alternative to a traditional graduate training scheme. We’ve listened to what our clients have told us about the limitations of traditional graduate recruitment programmes and  this led us to create ea Futures, a graduate scheme that we believe works better for clients and for candidates.

Where many graduate recruitment models can be quite prescriptive, ea Futures is completely flexible and tailor-made around each client’s needs. Training and development programmes are designed to suit a client’s specific requirements and we carefully match the right graduate to each role. 


Finding and nurturing new talent is an important part of ea Futures. As Anysha Keshwala, ea Futures Delivery Consultant, says: “I love the time that I spend meeting the next generation of business transformation consultants. We want graduates to have a truly personal experience on ea Futures and work closely with each graduate to develop a programme that gives them exactly what they need to learn and thrive in their new role.”


Reasons our clients choose the ea Futures graduate scheme

1. We harness the best talent out there

We work with universities nationwide to find the most promising graduates who want to build careers in business change, technology, digital, data and consultancy. We do this by attending graduate milk rounds, recruitment fairs and extensive networking.

2. The selection process is done for you

The first step on ea Futures is to source graduates according to a client’s specific needs. We then perform a thorough screening of all potential graduates and only introduce clients to the final shortlist.

 3. It saves clients money in the long-run

Recruiting talent is a hugely time-consuming process, as is training recruits in a company’s systems, values and culture. Using ea Futures is a cost-effective way to build long-term capacity and also reduce your contractor costs.

4. Brand loyalty is built in from the beginning

Recruiting someone at the start of their career means they are more likely to align with your company culture and values. This contributes to a greater sense of brand loyalty, and will improve your company culture over the longer term. 

5. No more knowledge leaks

Hiring and training someone to work in your business is an investment. A graduate trainee that has had a good experience during a trainee programme is more likely to stay for the longer-term, thus retaining knowledge within the company. At ea Futures we pride ourselves in the care and support each individual graduate receives. 

6. Programmes are bespoke and delivered externally 

All of our ea Futures graduate schemes are unique. We work with each client to devise a bespoke training and development programme and we arrange for external coaches and partners to deliver it.

7. We offer an IR35 compliant solution

All graduate consultants are employed by us as PAYE employees and are fully compliant with IR35/off Payroll working regulations. That means clients also remain fully compliant without needing to add to their headcount.

8. Clients have a dedicated delivery manager

We want our clients to fully reap the benefits of our ea Futures programme. So we assign a dedicated delivery manager to each client who can keep track of progress. The delivery manager will monitor the candidate’s output and quality of work and take any steps necessary to ensure expectations are being met.

9. Candidates are supported throughout

We don’t deploy and abandon our graduates once we have assigned them to a role. We want them to develop as rounded employees and to thrive in their traineeships and new careers. We do this by supporting them throughout their journey. Each candidate is assigned a mentor and we ensure they stay connected through various online groups, team quarterly face to face group catchups and meeting other alumni of our ea Futures graduate scheme.  

10. Option to convert to a permanent role

At the end of the agreed term, we give clients the option to offer our graduate consultants a permanent role, with no transfer fee. That means clients are able to build a talent pipeline from day one of the graduate traineeship with the aim of closing the skills gaps and building long-term capability. 


Want to know more about ea Futures?

If you would like to find out more about how ea Futures works and how it can benefit you, please get in touch with one of our advisers. We truly believe that by working together to deliver bespoke training programmes for clients and candidates is the best way to build excellence in the business change, technology, digital and data industry.